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Important Notice: Club will remain closed (all locations) until further notice. We will observe corona virus spread situations. Monitor this space. When we are ready to open we must comply with safety protocols. Anyone willing to volunteer to implement this safety protocol please email

MCC Wednesday Tournaments

The following tournaments
 Mississauga Club Championship Aug 28 – Oct 2
 Fall Classic Oct 30 – Nov 27
The games of the following sections will be rated. CFC Membership is required.

  Crown Section 1700+
  Premier Section 1300 - 1699
  Amateur Section 900 - 1299
  Adult only rated Section - Open
  Junior only Section - below 899 - CFC Membership is optional
CFC Membership is NOT required for the following Section
  Adult only non-rated

Playing up a section is limited to 100 points maximum
Monday members in Blue and Gold Sections are welcome to play in Junior or 
Amateur Section. Below Blue section is suggested to go to Monday or Thursday
unless your sibling is in Blue section or above.

Time Control: 70Min + 15 Sec increments

Byes: ½ point for Rd 1 – 4 if requested – 3 byes allowed