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Important Notice:

Starting Monday March 6th, all the sections play one game per night. If you arrive after 7pm you can only play casual games. We will start lessons for beginners starting 8pm or as soon as white section is finished.

Payment Options for Membership

We only accept cash, cheque and EMT (e-transfer) as payment. If you use a cheque, please make it payable to 'Mississauga Chess Club.' There will be no refunds.

Tournament Tiebreak and Bye Rules

For Junior tournaments on Monday and Friday, we do not give any byes. If you are absent, you will not receive a point.
For Wednesday 5-round tournaments, players can request a maximum of 2 half-point byes in rounds 1-3 if we receive your request before the round starts.

Tiebreak for all tournaments will be: 1) Head-to-Head 2) Average Opposition
Starting 2024, tiebreaks for all tournaments will be: 1) Head-to-Head 2) Buchholz Cut 1 3) Buchholz

Champions' List

2019 Winner of Mississauga Chess Club Championship: Anirud Chakkoli

2018 Premier Section: Richard Chen and Fady Abdelmalek

2018 Amateur Section: Nikola Petrov and Kevin Sun


2016 B Surya
2015 T Bark
2014 T Bark 
2013 T Sabbagh 
2012 E Cassareno 
2011 C Ferrer 
2010 F Supsup & P. Gelis 
2009 H Arandia 
2008 K Chung 
2007 K Chung 
2006 K Chung 
2005 T Bark 
2004 K Chung 
2003 V Chow 
2002 C Ferrer 
2001 C Ferrer 
2000 A Warzywoda 
1999 D Begoray 
1998 P Arens 
1997 A Warzywoda 
1996 P Beckwith 
1995 P Olszewski 
1994 P Olszewski 
1993 P Beckwith & B Floyd 
1992 P Olszewski 
1991 B Floyd 
1990 A Warzywoda 
1989 V Chow 
1988 V Chow 
1987 D Begoray 
1986 J Upper 
1985 G Murray 
1984 B McDermott 
1983 R Walters 
1982 A Lidacis 
1981 A Lidacis 
1980 J Beaulieu 
1979 R Walters 
1978 W Besky 
1977 SN McVicar 
1976 C Sellars 
1974 R Morrison 
1973 S Cooper 
1972 K Schaefer

Here are photos of our winners over the years

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