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November 22

Mississauga Open Registered List

For those of you that are going to the Mississauga open and have already registered, check here to see if your name has been added to the list.

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October 22

Website Fix, Chess Club Opening Date

As you may have noticed, the website has been down for quite awhile now. This was for system upgrades and improvements. Luckily, the website is now back up and running. Please be on the lookout for new improvements in the coming weeks, and please be aware that there may still be errors in the website.

As well, the renovations at the church as finishing up! That means that Chess club will be opening again beginning the week of Oct. 30

That means: Youth club beginning again on Oct. 30, 2017 and Adult Club begining again on Nov. 1, 2017. We thank you for patience during the construction, we are looking forward to finally getting back to chess!

September 22

Mississauga Club Championship Round 3 Standings

No html chart today, please view the image.

September 7, updated September 15

Mississauga Club Championship Round 2 Standings


#NameIDRtngRd 1Rd 2Tot
1Benito Surya1537551955W15W10 2.0
2Robert Gillanders1082021803W21W13 2.0
3Arul Papneja1594681789W23W11 2.0
4Malhar Singh1580601736W16W14 2.0
5Hazem Salem1608991100W20W9 2.0
6Nikola Brajkovic1121362019W12H--- 1.5
7Joseph Liao1577311713W17H--- 1.5
8Fady Abdelmalek1602281637H---W19 1.5
9Ferdinand Supsup1423661781W24L5 1.0
10Henry Liu1577201665W25L1 1.0
11Gord Perry1578401640W18L3 1.0
12Anatoly Manzhola1049271578L6W22 1.0
13Undriadi Benggawan1073011541W27L2 1.0
14Paul Roschman1130551490W28L4 1.0
15Shixiong Liu1602511442L1W25 1.0
16Bruce Cao1501821361L4W26 1.0
17Xiaoyu [Charles] Ran1575871360L7W27 1.0
18Ray Liu1542141290L11W23 1.0
19Frank Wu1626771606D22L8 0.5
20Jose Cabioc1462611604L5H--- 0.5
21Cheney Chen1586111429L2H--- 0.5
22Jonathan Zhang1598811253D19L12 0.5
23Atharva Srinivas1577211394L3L18 0.0
24Matthew Tang1537561386L9U--- 0.0
25Derek Chen1566901321L10L15 0.0
26Sam Prema1619581220U---L16 0.0
27Tal Vishnepolsky165081unr.L13L17 0.0
28David Soyezunr.L14U--- 0.0


#NameIDRtngRd 1Tot
1Kesavar Kabilar1618561222W15W8 2.0
2Aryan Gajelli1625091182W20W11 2.0
3James Bragg1632361151W21W12 2.0
4Jerry Wan1537571143W27W14 2.0
5Dania Surya1614031138W28W17 2.0
6Atul Mehra1634161074W29W19 2.0
7Brett Yang1604151243U---W18 1.0
8Toto Surya1583691074W22L1 1.0
9Rayyan Lodhi1583651053U---W27 1.0
10Sean Ran1627201033L17W29 1.0
11Michael [Han Yang] Yu1625051025W30L2 1.0
12Harpreet Singh1614461022W23L3 1.0
13Fasih-Ur-Rehman Syed1635951019W31U--- 1.0
14Edison Qu1560821017W25L4 1.0
15reiner valdes1000L1W31 1.0
16Leo Dong159866920U---W30 1.0
17Eric Feng162423568W10L5 1.0
18Hunt Zhang160447500W26L7 1.0
19Aleksei Manzholaunr.W32L6 1.0
20Jodie Liao158747991L2H--- 0.5
21Richard Chen162781929L3D24 0.5
22Alina Chen161622692L8H--- 0.5
23Jocelyn Liao160663506L12H--- 0.5
24Kevin Sun161178unr.U---D21 0.5
25Rishi Sarkar1613951252L14U--- 0.0
26Gloria Liu1627781021L18U--- 0.0
27Rohan Datta163054864L4L9 0.0
28Rain Zhang160425838L5U--- 0.0
29Alice Ran162721734L6L10 0.0
30Adam Cheng156083563L11L16 0.0
31Zi Liu162791382L13L15 0.0
32Nahed Dajjaniunr.L19U--- 0.0

September 1

Info for Club Championship

The club championship will be held beginning next week! It will consist of six 90min. rounds. There is a church renovation in between though, and that means that rounds 4 5 and 5 will be held after the renovation.

Also, this year note that only members present for at least 10 weeks will be eligible to compete for the trophy. There will be another section for those that have not been here for 10 weeks but still want to play. This was decided on at the last annual meeting.

As well, due to the closure unfortunately there will be no Fall Classic this year.

Good luck!

August 30

Schedule Updated

For an updated adult club schedule regarding the closures in September, please check Schedules. Youth schedule will be updated shortly

The schedule is being updated as more info arrives, please check often!

August 23 2017

Temporary Chess Club Closure Starting Sept. 20

Attention all chess club members! Starting September 20, 2017, Erindale United Church will be closed for renovations. The renovations will go on for a few weeks, and during that time chess club will be forced to close. Options for keeping the chess club open have been considered, but none have been found suitable. This closure applies to both youth and adult clubs.

More information to follow in the next meetings.

June 29, updated Aug 15

Summer Classic Amateur: FINAL

#NameIDRtngRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5Tot
1Cao, Bruce1501821200W15W14W13W4L2 4.0
2Zhang, Jonathan1466911064D8H---W7W13W1 4.0
3Surya, Toto158369979W19H---W18H---W6 4.0
4Gajelli, Aryan1625091348U---W7W16L1W8 3.0
5Mehra, Atul1634161036W9U---L11W15W16 3.0
6Tuong, Truong 1000U---W38W14W18L3 3.0
7Qu, Edison156082965W33L4L2W10W14 3.0
8Liao, Jodie158747800D2H---H---W9L4 2.5
9Chen, Richard162781772L5H---W19L8W18 2.5
10Prema, Sam1619581183H---H---U---L7W19 2.0
11Sun, Kevin1551431142W30U---W5U---U--- 2.0
12Salem, Hazem1608991100H---H---U---W34U--- 2.0
13Moscatel, Januario1626911086W36W17L1L2U--- 2.0
14Liu, Benjamin1598721052W37L1L6W17L7 2.0
15Dong, Leo159866935L1L20W33L5W26 2.0
16Surya, Dania161403918W28H---L4H---L5 2.0
17Mehta, Viren*154201917W26L13U---L14W23 2.0
18Liu, Gloria162778954W27H---L3L6L9 1.5
19Chen, Alina161622625L3H---L9W26L10 1.5
20Bragg, James1632361138U---W15U---U---U--- 1.0
21Singh, Harpreet1614461022U---U---U---W33U--- 1.0
22Le, Van Vuong 1000U---U---U---W35U--- 1.0
23Shen, Derek159856985W32U---U---U---L17 1.0
24Shen, William159860955W38U---U---U---U--- 1.0
25Zhang, Hunt160447500W29U---U---U---U--- 1.0
26Liao, Jocelyn160663402L17H---H---L19L15 1.0
27Xiang, Christopher1605401271L18H---U---U---U--- 0.5
28Wan, Jerry1537571185L16D29U---U---U--- 0.5
29Yu, Michael [Han Yang]162505964L25D28U---U---U--- 0.5
30Ran, Sean162720906L11H---U---U---U--- 0.5
31Bawa, Ritika 900U---U---U---U---D33 0.5
32Ran, Alice162721690L23H---U---U---U--- 0.5
33Cheng, Adam156083564L7U---L15L21D31 0.5
34Chung, Philip 1000U---U---U---L12U--- 0.0
35Lee, Hien 1000U---U---U---L22U--- 0.0
36Lodhi, Rayyan158365902L13U---U---U---U--- 0.0
37Zhang, Rain160425838L14U---U---U---U--- 0.0
38Tomic, Philip162407unr.L24L6U---U---U--- 0.0

Summer Classic Premier: FINAL

#NameIDRtngRd 1Rd 2Tot
1Atanasov, Anthony1560791823H---H---U---W19W10 3.0
2Abdelmalek, Fady1602281599W21W18L8W4U--- 3.0
3Liao, Joseph1577311674D18U---H---D13W14 2.5
4Benggawan, Undriadi1073011639D13D11W19L2D5 2.5
5Liu, Henry1577201547L14U---W21W16D4 2.5
6Pulgarin, Julian1405271473U---W20W---H---U--- 2.5
7Brajkovic, Nikola1121362009W17W14U---U---U--- 2.0
8Singh, Malhar1580601725U---U---W2W21U--- 2.0
9Perry, Gord1578401650L12U---U---W20W21 2.0
10Cabioc, Jose1462611609D15W16U---D11L1 2.0
11Gillanders, Robert1082021771U---D4H---D10U--- 1.5
12Liu, Shixiong1602511414W9U---H---U---U--- 1.5
13Srinivas, Atharva1577211383D4H---U---D3U--- 1.5
14Supsup, Ferdinand1423661739W5L7U---U---L3 1.0
15Ran, Xiaoyu [Charles]1575871300D10H---U---U---U--- 1.0
16Liu, Ray1542141270U---L10W20L5U--- 1.0
17Bergeron, Florian1032931586L7D19U---U---U--- 0.5
18Tomic, Ben1568711540D3L2U---U---U--- 0.5
19Bhanji, Areez1561441390U---D17L4L1U--- 0.5
20Bhanji, Zaynah1558661590U---L6L16L9U--- 0.0
21Wang, Andrew1617291196L2U---L5L8L9 0.0

June 27

Canada Day

The Junior Club will be closed for the Canada Day Long Weekend, on July 3rd. Enjoy the long weekend, good luck to the Canadian Open participants, and the Junior club will re-open on July 24.

Junior Schedule

June 22

Updated Summer Schedule

As summer (and the Canadian Open Chess Championship) arrives, there are a few changes to the schedule:

  • There will be NO GM Simul on June 28
  • Rounds 1 and 2 of the summer classic will be moved one week ahead (to June 28)
  • Chess Club will be closed July 10, 12 and 17 due to COCC

Good luck to those going to the Canadian Open!


View Updated Schedule

June 16, updated June 22

Note: The Spring Rapid is not CFC rated.

SwissSys Standings. Spring Rapid Tournament 2017: Amateur Section FINAL

#NameIDRtngRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5Rd 6Tot
1Bruce Cao1501821106W31W16W24L3W9W4 5.0
2Jerry Wan1537571017W33W8L18W15W6W5 5.0
3Jonathan Zhang1598811203W26W29D9W1L4W10 4.5
4Kesavar Kabilar1618561307L24W30W29W9W3L1 4.0
5Evgeny Kalmanson1619661274L16W31W23W22W7L2 4.0
6Xiaoyu [Charles] Ran1575871209L8W17W15W24L2W14 4.0
7Atul Mehra1634161169L30W33W20W8L5W17 4.0
8Kevin Sun155143849W6L2W31L7W22W16 4.0
9Benjamin Liu159872972W19W20D3L4L1W21 3.5
10Keshav Jindal1646921375H---H---U---W16W24L3 3.0
11Ming Yu Ren1587031209H---H---U---W30L14W20 3.0
12William Shen159860948H---H---U---W13L17W23 3.0
13Derek Shen159856946H---H---U---L12W30W24 3.0
14Leo Dong159866926W25L18L16W32W11L6 3.0
15Dania Surya161403906L18W25L6L2W32W22 3.0
16Richard Chen162781876W5L1W14L10W21L8 3.0
17Sean Ran162720790L22L6W19W28W12L7 3.0
18Januario Moscatel162691unr.W15W14W2U---U---U--- 3.0
19Alice Ran162721593L9L23L17D20W25W28 2.5
20Toto Surya158369unr.W23L9L7D19W28L11 2.5
21Rishi Sarkar1613951299H---H---U---W23L16L9 2.0
22James Bragg1632361031W17L24W30L5L8L15 2.0
23Gloria Liu162778895L20W19L5L21W31L12 2.0
24Jodie Liao158747884W4W22L1L6L10L13 2.0
25Jocelyn Liao160663579L14L15B---L31L19W30 2.0
26Rayyan Lodhi158365847L3W32H---U---U---U--- 1.5
27Shixiong Liu1602511222U---U---U---U---U---W31 1.0
28shiram jindal 1000H---H---U---L17L20L19 1.0
29Viren Mehta154201923W32L3L4U---U---U--- 1.0
30Adam Cheng156083837W7L4L22L11L13L25 1.0
31Edison Qu156082799L1L5L8W25L23L27 1.0
32Marc Zara164700unr.L29L26W33L14L15U--- 1.0
33Alina Chen161622699L2L7L32U---U---U--- 0.0

SwissSys Standings. Spring Rapid Tournament 2017: Premier Section FINAL

#NameIDRtngRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5Rd 6Tot
1Nikola Brajkovic70955452092W20W9W2W5W4W6 6.0
2Ben Tomic1568711833W18W13L1W3W5L8 4.0
3Benito Surya7104991unr.L5W20W17L2W14W10 4.0
4Florian Bergeron70543582074W15L5W18D6L1W13 3.5
5Gord Perry1578401308W3W4W10L1L2D11 3.5
6Fady Abdelmalek1602281171D10W7D14D4W11L1 3.5
7Undriadi* Benggawan1073011729D14L6L11D12W16B--- 3.0
8Seiji Nakagawa1526751659U---U---U---W9W13W2 3.0
9Ferdinand Supsup1423661609W12L1L13L8W20W16 3.0
10Henry Liu1577201514D6W16L5D13W12L3 3.0
11Frank Wu1626771420D16L14W7W15L6D5 3.0
12Joseph Liao1577311220L9L17W20D7L10W15 2.5
13Andrii Borysenko1608531107W17L2W9D10L8L4 2.5
14Thair Sabbagh1553682162D7W11D6U---L3U--- 2.0
15Christopher Xiang1605401223L4L18W16L11W21L12 2.0
16Andrew Wang1617291078D11L10L15W21L7L9 1.5
17Jose Cabioc1462611450L13W12L3U---U---U--- 1.0
18Atharva Srinivas1577211221L2W15L4U---U---U--- 1.0
19Undriadi Benggawan70870171735U---U---U---U---U---U--- 0.0
20Matthew Tang1537561229L1L3L12U---U---U--- 0.0
21Shixiong Liu1602511222U---U---U---L16L15U--- 0.0

June 16

MCC Summer schedule

For those that are wondering if the chess club is open when school is out, the Mississauga Chess Club will remain open during the summer! (both kids and adult clubs)


May 11, updated May 25, June 1, June 9

SwissSys Standings. May Shower Tournament 2017: Amateur

#NameIDRtngRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5Tot
1Jonathan Zhang1598811293W11W14W7W4L3 4.0
2Kesavar Kabilar1618561199U---W33W8W15W4 4.0
3Bruce Cao1501821140W20W15L4W14W1 4.0
4Xiaoyu [Charles] Ran1575871317W17W25W3L1L2 3.0
5Jerry Wan1537571202W18L8W19W12U--- 3.0
6Andrew Wang1617291138W9W16U---U---W18 3.0
7James Bragg1632361133W26W19L1W8U--- 3.0
8Atul Mehra163416997W29W5L2L7W19 3.0
9Fasih-Ur-Rehman Syed163595644L6W31W25L16W17 3.0
10Sean Ran162720626W24U---L14W29W16 3.0
11Viren Mehta154201908L1U---W29W32D12 2.5
12Edison Qu156082unr.L15W20W16L5D11 2.5
13Marc Zara 1000H---H---U---U---W22 2.0
14William Shen159860978W33L1W10L3U--- 2.0
15Derek Shen159856975W12L3W28L2U--- 2.0
16Leo Dong159866966W30L6L12W9L10 2.0
17Michael [Han Yang] Yu162505925L4L28W26W20L9 2.0
18Gloria Liu162778907L5W29W24U---L6 2.0
19Dania Surya161403877W31L7L5W28L8 2.0
20Richard Chen162781761L3L12W30L17W28 2.0
21Vasily Fedotov163554unr.H---H---U---U---W26 2.0
22Januario Moscatel1626911045H---L23W32U---L13 1.5
23Callum Melville 1000H---W22U---U---U--- 1.5
24Benjamin Liu1598721101L10W26L18U---U--- 1.0
25Rain Zhang1604251043W28L4L9U---U--- 1.0
26Alice Ran162721643L7L24L17W30L21 1.0
27Alina Chen161622625H---H---U---U---U--- 1.0
28Jodie Liao158747624L25W17L15L19L20 1.0
29Adam Cheng156083597L8L18L11L10D30 0.5
30Jocelyn Liao160663unr.L16U---L20L26D29 0.5
31Evgeny Kalmanson1619661171L19L9U---U---U--- 0.0
32Eric Feng162423477U---U---L22L11U--- 0.0
33Hunt Zhang160447425L14L2U---U---U--- 0.0

SwissSys Standings. May Shower Tournament 2017: Premier Section

#NameIDRtngRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5Tot
1Nikola Brajkovic1121362030W7W4W12L2W5 4.0
2Anthony Atanasov1560791743W5L12W6W1W7 4.0
3Robert Gillanders1082021742H---L6H---W18W15 3.0
4Kerry Liles1130171649W22L1D14D15W6 3.0
5Fady Abdelmalek1602281435L2W13W11W10L1 3.0
6Gord Perry1578401656H---W3L2W14L4 2.5
7Jose Cabioc1462611606L1D14W16W19L2 2.5
8Seiji Nakagawa1526751808W13U---U---U---W22 2.0
9Ferdinand Supsup1423661742H---H---U---D11D10 2.0
10Undriadi Benggawan1073011725D14L16B---L5D9 2.0
11Joseph Liao1577311704D19H---L5D9D14 2.0
12Emma He1558671611W24W2L1U---U--- 2.0
13Henry Liu1577201527L8L5L15W21W24 2.0
14Atharva Srinivas1577211399D10D7D4L6D11 2.0
15Matthew Tang1537561369H---L19W13D4L3 2.0
16Frank Wu1626771597H---W10L7U---U--- 1.5
17Florian Bergeron1032931593H---H---U---U---D18 1.5
18Andrii Borysenko1608531424H---H---U---L3D17 1.5
19Shixiong Liu1602511391D11W15U---L7U--- 1.5
20Benito Surya1537551994H---H---U---U---U--- 1.0
21Patrick Scopa1563301412H---H---U---L13U--- 1.0
22Christopher Xiang1605401272L4U---W24U---L8 1.0
23Derek Chen1566901204H---H---U---U---U--- 1.0
24Sam Prema1619581202L12U---L22U---L13 0.0

June 2

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May 24

Info for Club Championship

The Missississauga Chess Club Championship tournament will be starting on Sept. 6 later this year.

This year, the Club Championship tournament will have a Championship section and a Reserves section.

It was agreed in the last annual meeting, December 2016, that the club championship should be won by a regular club member. Agreement was reached by requiring members to attend the club at least 10 weeks during the year to qualify to play in the championship. There are 14 weeks left until the start of the tournament.

Good luck to our future 2017 champion!

May 23

Facebook Group

Make sure that you join our Facebook group if you haven't already!

Many interesting posts there, so join now!

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May 20

New Homepage

The dark new look of may have shocked you when visiting now, but don't worry! This new homepage reflects the importance of some items as well as how visitors are using the homepage. News and tournaments have been divided, and there is a daily chess puzzle! This is not the only change though, and as you may have noticed, many pages have been updated over the past few weeks to a new style. This new look will be the look of our website for the next while, and we want YOUR input! Many things have been changed and shuffled around, so it may take some time to get used to. Please complete the form below to voice your concerns (and your appreciations). There may still be errors and mistakes, so if you see any please report them!

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May 18


May 1

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