The biggest chess club in Canada!

Important Notice:

Great News! The Church has confirmed that we can have Friday chess sessions.
Our plan is to begin on Friday, May 26th. Starting 6:30 to 9:30 pm.
For the first few weeks, we will have casual games and get to know each other.
We need to establish a group of dedicated volunteers that can help the Friday sessions run smoothly and put together the wishes of the Friday group. This includes deciding time control of tournament, rated or unrated, chess lessons, etc.
We will gather feedback so we can share the announcement and the programs.
If you already a member of our club and prefer to come on Fridays, you can switch. We will start collecting membership fees for newcomers in July. We welcome all ages and all levels of chess skills.

The following change will take effect on May 1st, 2023, or when your MCC membership has expired:
1) Monday members in the Gold Section will move to Wednesday
2) If your child is currently in the Gold Section but has other activities and cannot come on Wednesday, he or she will be put in the Blue Section until your MCC membership expires.

If you wish to attend on both Monday and Wednesday, membership fees are 50% more
We have reached our maximum capacity, and no longer accept new members on Monday. If you are interested in joining, contact us and we will place you on a waiting list.
Starting Monday March 6th, all the sections play one game per night. If you arrive after 7pm you can only play casual games. We will start lessons for beginners starting 8pm or as soon as white section is finished.

Payment Options for Membership

We only accept cash, cheque and EMT (e-transfer) as payment. If you use a cheque, please make it payable to 'Mississauga Chess Club.' There will be no refunds.

Tournament Tiebreak and Bye Rules

For Junior tournaments on Monday, we do not give any byes. If you are absent, you will not receive a point.
For Wednesday 5-round tournaments, players can request a maximum of 2 half-point byes in rounds 1-3 if we receive your request before the round starts.
Tiebreak for all tournaments will be: 1) Head-to-Head 2) Average Opposition


The Mississauga Chess Club is the biggest chess club in Canada with players ranging in strength from beginner to master. All age groups are represented through a youth and adult club. The adult club holds regular tournaments (5' Speed, 30' Active, 70'+ 15s/move Swiss), casual chess evenings, and fun chess nights. The youth club plays regular 5 week tournaments. The time control will be 30 minutes for Orange, Green, & Gold sections. There are no clocks for the White section. If a game is not finished after 30 minutes, a clock with a 5-minute time control will be added.

Check our schedule for the year.

Whether you are just learning or an experienced master, the Mississauga Chess Club has something to offer for you! Come out on Wednesday for adults and Monday for kids and join the largest chess club in Canada.

NEW! Members are welcome to play casual games. Great way to meet people and have some fun. CFC membership is not required to play casual games.


New members are always welcome. The first visit is free, and membership is paid annually from the week you join.

Regular $100 per year
 Addtional Family Members $50 each per year
Seniors (60 or older) $50
Masters and Experts (2000+ CFC) Free

If you want to play CFC rated games(Wednesdays only), you also need to pay CFC membership fee (adult $48, junior $32). We currently do not have drop in membership.

Time and Location

Adult Club: 6:30pm - 10:30pm Wednesday Nights

Youth Club: 6:30pm - 9pm Monday Nights

Registration time is between 6:30pm and 7:00pm. Games start at 7:15pm. Please ensure you arrive by 7:00pm to register your name for the night's tournament. On Wednesday if you are running late call (437) 268-6221 before 7:00pm and ask to be paired.


1444 Dundas Crescent
Mississauga, ON
(parking at front and back lot allowed)

Getting Here:

Public Transit: MiWay routes 1/1C stop at Dundas Crescent. Please note if you are going westbound, there are no pedestrian crossings at Dundas Crescent. Plan accordingly.

Driving: We have free parking in the front and back lots.

Walking: If you live nearby, exercise and play chess at the same time!


Paul Roschman

Co-Founder, Treasurer

Robert Gillanders


Organizer Team

Undriadi Benggawan

Director, Organizer

Dewu Zhang

Tournament Director

Shawn Liu

TD, Arbiter

Anna Pan

Membership, Co-Organizer

Min Zhou


Arsenio Gacad

General Assistant

Rashid Mughal

PR, Communications

Anna Fan

Membership, Library

Grace Chen

General Assistant

Youth Volunteers

Henry Liu


Jonathan Zhang

Webmaster, Floater

Ethan Welch

Coach of Monday Sessions

Steven Guo

Coach of Monday Sessions

Jody Liao

Monday Pairing

Catherine Cheung

Wednesday Pairing

Blake Wang

Monday Pairing

Faustine Liu

Graphic Designer