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Mississauga Chess Club for Kids is a large club where kids play chess every week.

We meet on Mondays from 7-9pm at Erindale United Church (parking front and back lot allowed).

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Kids play against kids, and we also offer lessons. Tournament games are rated with the CFC.

We offer family membership: $50/yr + $10/yr for each additional family member after the first. Check here for up to date details

Please ensure that you arrive by 7:15 to get your name in


Is my kid ready for the chess club?

We receive many inquiries asking this question. Here is a simple guide.

Does your son/daughter know how the chess pieces move?

If the answer is No, he/she is not ready for the chess club.

We recommend you sit with your child and visit one of many websites that will teach the basics. We recommend this site:

Listen to the 13 minute intro video. Read the accompanying text explaining the rules. Then click on play the computer. Don’t worry about beating the computer, the object is to practice moving the pieces. The computer will only allow legal moves. Once you get comfortable moving the pieces correctly, you are ready to join the chess club. At the chess club, you will play other kids at your skill level. You will learn mostly by playing. We do offer some lessons to help you along. We offer some instructional books for purchase. You will receive a chess rating so you can track your progress.

What happens at the club?

At the kids club on Mondays, kids will play a few games each night. Most games are 'fun games' which will not be rated and can be played with anyone. At around 7:30, the kids will be paired to play a 'tournament game' which will count towards their rating. There is a short lesson at the end of the night.

What are the benefits of playing chess?

  • Build Problem Solving
  • Improve Critical Thinking
  • Learn Goal setting
  • Realize importance of planning
  • Exercise both sides of the brain
  • Build self-confidence
  • Increase concentration and memorizations ablities
  • Spark creativity
  • And more!

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Is there any homework?

No, not really

If kids enjoy chess, they can play online too!

Under 13s (
Over 13s (

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