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Important Notice: We will have a simul on August 17th. The 16 highest CFC Standard rated players will have the chance to play against GM Razvan Preotu. The next 16 players will play against FM Anthony Atanasov, and the rest will play against NCM Henry Liu.
Junior Tournament Promotions
The top 10% of players in each section except Gold, rounded to the nearest number, will be moved up to the higher section.
Payment Options for Membership
We only accept cash or cheque as payment. If you use a cheque, please make it payable to 'Mississauga Chess Club.'
Tournament Tiebreak and Bye Rules
For Junior tournaments on Monday, we do not give any byes. If you are absent, you will not receive a point.
For Wednesday tournaments, for the first three rounds, we can give half a point each round if we receive your request before the round starts. No byes for the rest of the rounds.
Tiebreak for all tournaments will be: 1) Head-to-Head 2) Average Opposition


Wednesday: Adults and Advanced Youth

2022-08-10 Summer Classic Amateur Rd 3

2022-08-10 Summer Classic Premier Rd 3

2022-08-10 Summer Classic Crown Rd 3

2020-03-05 Dunwin Junior INTERMEDIATE Rd 1

Monday: Youth

2022-08-08 Tournament 3 White Rd 1

2020-03-09 Tournament 30 Orange Rd 1

2022-08-08 Tournament 3 Green Rd 1

2020-03-09 Tournament 30 Advance (Blue and Gold) Rd 1

2022-08-08 Tournament 3 Gold Rd 1


Past Tournaments