Erindale United Church
1444 Dundas Crescent, Mississauga.
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Parking: Front lot and back lot allowed.


Chess for Kids will be closed on Monday Feb 20 because of Family Day.

Chess for Kids: Pairings at 7:20pm on the dot.

Adults: Pairings at 7:30pm on the dot. Call 905-467-6912 if late (taking calls from 6pm to 7:30pm on Wed. ONLY)


Viktar Chuprys Memorial Standings FINAL

#NameRtngPostRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5Tot
1Kerry Liles16921711W41W12W10D6W11 4.5
2Robert Gillanders18611873H---W40W7W19W6 4.5
3Nikola Brajkovic20492043W34D7W22W18D4 4.0
4Owen Qian21772174W23W8H---W17D3 4.0
5Zack Dinatolo13641422W31L17W25W24W10 4.0
6Gord Perry16791679W48W9W15D1L2 3.5
7Henry Liu13461432W51D3L2W22W17 3.5
8Frank Wu14691480W49L4W30H---W20 3.5
9Patrick Scopa13251395W50L6H---W37W18 3.5
10Emma He15631536W47W30L1W15L5 3.0
11Jose Cabioc14501470W16H---H---W29L1 3.0
12Jonathan Zhang12221262W20L1W38L21W24 3.0
13Benjamin Liu9981068L21W51D37H---W26 3.0
14Harrison [Hangchen] Liu13531341H---L36D40W43W31 3.0
15Shixiong Liu12931351W24W21L6L10W28 3.0
16Paul Roschman15191494L11W50B---D20H--- 3.0
17Undriadi Benggawan17351704W38W5D18L4L7 2.5
18Joseph Liao16581635W44W25D17L3L9 2.5
19Matthew Tang13981396W42H---W46L2U--- 2.5
20Narendra Ghateunr.0L12W48W50D16L8 2.5
21Ferdinand Supsup17941765W13L15H---W12U--- 2.5
22Atharva Srinivas12621285H---W45L3L7W41 2.5
23MingYu Ren11891178L4W49L24D39W40 2.5
24James Braggunr.0L15W41W23L5L12 2.0
25Jacob Krowiakunr.0W29L18L5W44U--- 2.0
26Scott Cliff18631831H---W32H---U---L13 2.0
27Seiji Nakagawa18371837H---W46H---U---U--- 2.0
28Gloria Liuunr.0H---H---U---W30L15 2.0
29Christopher Xiang12371222L25W44W31L11U--- 2.0
30Bruce Cao10211033W35L10L8L28W43 2.0
31Michael [Han Yang] Yu540596L5W42L29W49L14 2.0
32Jerry Feng10001019H---L26W33H---U--- 2.0
33Hazem Salem10721065H---H---L32W35U--- 2.0
34Xiaoyu [Charles] Ran11201105L3U---L35W46W44 2.0
35Jerry Wanunr.0L30L38W34L33W48 2.0
36ochuko emuakpeje22112211H---W14U---U---U--- 1.5
37Mehra Atul14001367H---H---D13L9U--- 1.5
38David [Ziye] Wang972982L17W35L12H---U--- 1.5
39angela Liuunr.0H---H---U---D23U--- 1.5
40William Shen708721H---L2D14H---L23 1.5
41Derek Shen961952L1L24W42H---L22 1.5
42Jodie Liao580580L19L31L41W51D46 1.5
43Richard Chenunr.0H---H---U---L14L30 1.0
44Leo Dong882877L18L29W51L25L34 1.0
45Kevin Stahlbrand19071876H---L22H---U---U--- 1.0
46Eric Feng322332H---L27L19L34D42 1.0
47Rayyan Lodhi756756L10H---H---U---U--- 1.0
48Andrew Wang951933L6L20H---H---L35 1.0
49Dania Surya743743L8L23H---L31U--- 0.5
50Henry Xieunr.0L9L16L20H---U--- 0.5
51Daniel Shanunr.0L7L13L44L42U--- 0.0

Mississauga Adult Chess Club Adopts the CFC rating system for 2017.

Beginning with the Viktar Chuprys Memorial tournament starting on Jan 18, 2017 club events on wednesday evening will be rated with the CFC. This means that club members will need to become CFC members. You can purchase your CFC memberships at the club any wednesday.
CFC membership rates are: Adult $48, Juniors $32 / year.

Start time: 7:30pm wednesday
Beginning with the Viktar Chuprys Memorial tournament starting on Jan 18, 2017, the tournament start times will be 7:30pm.

As of March 1, 2017 the membership fees for the Mississauga Chess Club for adult and juniors go to 50 dollars,